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About Us

At Hillis Hollow, we have a passion for people. We have a passion for bringing comfort to those we love. And how we bring comfort to those we love is through helping create the dream home for those looking to make their house their forever home. We want to help families and loved ones settle into life with love, happiness, and comfort because family is what matters. Being a family run store, we understand how important that is. 

Our dream for the store originated from a sign that spoke, “What if I fall? Oh, but my darling… what if you fly?” So many times, we are afraid of taking risks when it comes to our dreams. At Hillis Hollow, we took that jump in order to bring inspiration to others and into their homes. This is why we not only sell furniture and home decor, we will also come to your home as your personal interior decorator. The sign that inspired us from the beginning is sold in our store because we believe in the products we sell and their stories. What story would you like your home to tell?


The Hillis Family